Yumi 4.0.0 changelog

New technology stack

The mobile application code has been completely rewritten using the Flutter development framework, whichis more modern than the previous React Native. Flutter allows for a single code base to be used not only for Android and iOS mobile applications but also for Web, Windows, and Mac applications.

The backend has been migrated to .NET 8 and MySQL 8 on Aurora 3.

We have updated the Android and iOS SDKs to the latest versions, making the app compliant with the latest specifications required by the app stores.

New Features

Improvements in Push Notification Management

Push notifications now handle deep links, and when tapped, they open the Yumi page related to the notification. In Beta 1 of Yumi, this functionality has already been configured for the following notifications
(notification >>>> destination page):

New Tutorial

A new tutorial is available for users. The tutorial texts can be written in HTML, allowing for richer content. The tutorial is visible upon first entry and later from the menu.

Only the tutorial pages related to the features active in the Yumi campaign will be shown.

Improvements to the User Invitation and Registration Process

E-mail address to lowercase

The system now converts all email addresses, used both for sending invitations and as usernames in the app, to lowercase. Previously, the ability to enter uppercase letters could lead to issues during registration and login, generating support requests. This problem should no longer occur.

E-mail address in invitation e-mail

The email address can now be included in the text of the invitation email, making it clearer to the user which email address to use when registering in Yumi.

Improvement of Yumi's Feature Toggle Functionality

Enhancements have been made to the functionality for turning Yumi's features on and off. The new app is able to manage the on/off more efficiently. Currently the feature covers the SKills and Interactions but in the upcoming versions of the app it will cover also Energy and Thanks Giving Friday and managing the app UI, the tutorial and the news engine.


Some known spelling errors have already been corrected and, with the new app available, we can now quickly correct all the texts in the app.

Other Improvements

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