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Now you can discover your Skills dashboard! 📊

Open your Skills tab and analyse the most observed and suggested skills by your Buddies.
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You already know Buddies are important. Yumi brings together all the behaviours they observe and suggest to you.
Thanks to their Reviews, now you can see your Skills dashboard and check your level for any competence your organisation chose.

Have a look at your Skills tab: you can dive into each skill and explore all the related behaviours! 😲

For example, your Buddies observed collaboration, but they suggested it too and, maybe you don't understand. Don't worry! It might happen because it's not a grey area.
It means you are already collaborative for them, but you might not always put it into practice, and your community would like you to improve even more.
We can't always be perfect, after all. 😉

Keep an eye on your graph: the more your Buddies work hard, the more accurate it will be!
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