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Do you usually ask for the receipt after withdrawing from ATM? 🧾

Here is a secret… 🤫 It's not just an environmental concern; 
it's the power of nudge! 
elefanti nudges
Which team do you belong to? Do or don't you get your receipt printed after withdrawing from an ATM?

If you decided not to print it, you should know, it wouldn't be just your environmental concern... 🤔

When you have to choose the answer, the positive one is on the left side of the screen. Well, most of the users are right-handed, and they would find that gesture pretty uncomfortable. 😮
The outcome? A saving of ink and paper and more happy trees! 😍
Here is a classic example of nudge: it's a gentle and implicit push to make people decide for the better, for themselves or the society. 

This is our goal in Yumi: we push you gently to have better behaviours through daily reflection and non-judgemental suggestions from your Buddies! 

The nudge theory has been a cornerstone for behavioural economics, and it applies to a wide range of fields, from marketing to policy-making and healthcare.
If you want to know more, watch this video of Richard Thaler, father of the nudge theory, together with Cass Sunstein. 
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