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You have just created your first Interaction! 🥳

Hurrah! You found out how to create an Interaction. 

Let's see now what it is for!
Look at your calendar. It's probably full of meetings, calls and every kind of event. They are important moments of your workdays. 📆

Have you ever wondered if they are effective? Yumi lets you recreate those Interactions and review them with other participants.

How was the weekly review? Was the goal clear? What do the others think about it?
Create the Interaction, and add all the colleagues who participated and can give their feedback.

You can say how it was, choose your Stickers and share your comments.
You will understand what did and didn't work. And you will be able to improve how to lead your meetings!

You can create whatever Interaction you want to review. It could be a one-to-one meeting with your boss or a team lunch. ☕️

Don't forget to review the Interactions your colleagues created and invited you to: they are at the top of the Interactions tab!
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