BACK TO WORK: The continuous change that the pandemic requires of us.

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Deborah Dziezynski - Social Media Intern in Yumi

Away from friends, from our loved ones, stuck inside the house forced to disrupt every aspect of our lives. The pandemic in the last two years has changed the rules of the game: keep our distance, don't touch each other, don't see each other, and especially don't leave the house. We had to learn to work and have fun within the home.                                                                                                                                                                               

It is difficult after all this time to pick up the pace again. Just enough time to get used to the required change and here we are asked to make another one: we have to go back into the world. Back to work, back to our offices and back to our lives.

This could be complicated for many, to the point of creating real states of anxiety and depression. As described by WHO

For many, the main fear is not feeling safe and contagious around people or traveling on public transportation, while for others, the biggest fear is not feeling up to the task and no longer being able to handle the rhythms and family. This is why states of anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervousness, exhaustion, mood swings or simply a sense of disorientation are triggered.

Talking about it with someone and expressing your discomfort is always a great start!

Here are some tips to relieve tension and help you be more positive throughout the day:

  • Take care of your body and mind;
  • Reduce caffeine, alcohol and favor simple sugars, which give the brain a great boost;
  • Get physical activity or resume it. Movement helps fight stress, increase good mood and promote better rest;
  • Breathe, close your eyes and do small face relaxation exercises;
  • While in the car or at a quiet time and place. Discharge negative energy and enjoy your new beginning.

If you want to make conscious changes and introduce new habits, however, you can check out this article of ours: "What to do to build a new habit?"

Yumi is a continuous nudging platform that improves measuring, engagement and development of teams at work

It helps people to share nudges about their behaviours with a spontaneous approach. 

It allows the company to put the change strategy in action..

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