Which countries produce the most data in the world? Here are the 30 most data savvy countries.

quali paesi producono più dati al mondo,? ecco i 30 paesi più data savvy

Maria Mauriello - Communication manager in Yumi

Which countries produce the most data in the world? Here are the 30 most data savvy countries.

Artificial intelligence with its countless applications has led to an exponential increase in data, taking on a relevant role in the business world. According to the McKinsey research, in fact, by 2030 this sector is expected to generate about $13 trillion.
The article by Bhaskar Chakravorti provides us with timely help on the topic: "Which countries are leading the data economy" HBR- Harvard Business Review.

What are we talking about? It is known that the production of data is happening at a relentless pace; therefore, this determines the enormous generation of data that, no longer will be concentrated only in certain areas of the territory but will be distributed precisely because of the natural complexity of the information.

Four criteria can be used to identify the countries with the most data in the world:


    The absolute amount of bandwidth that is consumed by a country;

  2. USE

    The number of active users on the Internet;


    Institutional openness to usable data streams for research;


    the volume of broadband consumption per capita, as an indicator of the complexity of digital activity.

It must be pointed out, of course, the hot topic of the privacy: Indeed, without an adequate data protection framework, it would be difficult to foster the development of new algorithms and applications and, in general, the development of the industry in the long run.

So here are the rankings of the major data and information producers:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. China
  4. Switzerland
  5. South Korea
  6. France
  7. Canada
  8. Sweden
  9. Australia
  10. Czech Republic
  11. Japan
  12. New Zealand
  13. Germany
  14. Spain
  15. Ireland
  16. Italy
  17. Portugal
  18. Mexico
  19. Argentina
  20. Chile
  21. Poland
  22. Brazil
  23. Greece
  24. India
  25. South Africa
  26. Hungary
  27. Malaysia
  28. Russia
  29. Turkey
  30. Indonesia

In fact, back in 2007, the British magazine "The Economist" he had stated in these words the importance of data and its role in the global economy:

"Whether you're going for a run, watching TV or even just sitting in traffic, virtually every activity creates a digital trail."

Why did Yumi like this article?

In Yumi the issue of privacy and the production of quality data is particularly close to our hearts: in fact, the Yumi platform was created with this in mind; at the basis of every interaction, precisely, are the anonymity and protection of the personal data of each of our users, who initiate natural processes of self-awareness with their colleagues in a process of continuous improvement. From a user experience that pampers the user and makes them feel protected, more "honest" and contextual data then ensues.


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