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make us flourish

Yes, because when there is a mutual exchange among people, we feel supported and motivated, and we work much better. And we flourish, all together.
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Improve your skills 
day by day

Identify the skills you want to enhance and ask for advice (or nudge, even better!) from colleagues who can help you improve: your coaches. You will receive constructive feedback and a true overview of how you interact with your workgroups.

This helps to:

Increase your skills, one nudge at a time.

How do we do it?

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Unclear feedback? Not with Yumi. Responses travel by a fast and intuitive system that leaves no room for doubt.
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Small tips that direct you towards the best path. Useful, isn’t it?
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We learn, improve and progress all together, becoming coach of one another. Colleagues should take care of each other…!

Where do your energies end up? 

You can give and receive feedback on your daily activities: exchanging impressions will help your team to work in a truly synergic way. So all of you can be sure of improving together, without wasting valuable resources!

This helps to:

Feel part of one’s own team and increase collaboration. Create a more close-knit and efficient team. 
Creare un team più affiatato ed efficiente.
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Let’s train together,

Nobody is more experienced in teamwork than those who already work in the team! That’s why you have to think of your working group as a team in which everyone is a player, but above all a coach. As in any team, the goal is the same for everyone, and we help each other to achieve it.

This helps to:

Progress together, reach goals and improve skills, thanks to the opinions and help of colleagues.
Yumi is a continuous nudging platform that improves measuring, engagement and development of teams at work

It helps people to share nudges about their behaviours with a spontaneous approach. 

It allows the company to know what's "the mood" in real-time..
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