Let's crunch the numbers! Event - New Deal between individual and organization to support growth.

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Paolo Raineri - Chief Digital Officer in Yumi

On May 28, the event organized by the CCI France Italie. The online event was part of the meetings that the French-Italian Chamber of Commerce holds regularly: Les Matinales de la Chambre.

The purpose of the discussion was to investigate what "new covenant" between individuals in the world of work and organizations can be enacted in the near future and why.

Here is the video link to review the entire event:

Here are some "numbers" from the event:

  • 319 register
  • 186 real participants
  • 175 average live connected users
  • 17 questions from the audience
  • 50 kudos to the questions (each user could "vote" for their favorite question on sli.do)

During the discussions Yumi was also introduced, as an excellent project to include in the corporate "toolbox" to enable the change needed by the corporate community.

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Below, however, we report the questions made by the audience to the speakers.

All very interesting:

Daphne K.: I know them. I don't think Moocs are the best training response to this emergency. That's my opinion as a trainer. We need to go beyond that.

Rosa S.
Scialino: in order to build the puzzle, there must be the possibility of interchange from one sector to another, now if you start in one sector you struggle to change.

How much this crisis will impact work spaces.

Adolfo R.
Is there any experience of this modus already in workplace safety or any ideas of extending to this area ? x Saccarelli (YUMI).

Thank you Cristina Scialino. Could you also please comment on coaching as an enabling tool for personalized training?

Daphne K.
To Raffaella: anyone who has tried MOOCs (see Coursera) knows that they are the most innovative, most tailored, personalized form there is. The opposite of anachronistic.

...online training

In an age when many people spend their day in front of a video, should training be the primary way to do training?

Mark S. F.
Smart W. has always existed, it was only used by sales who were granted precisely Freedom, autonomy, responsibility and trust .

Training tailored to the individual ensures effectiveness and high quality. If, however, companies rely on MooCs, is this not an anachronistic choice?

I ask (BENTIVOGL) if it is right to think that it is time when a covenant between labor capital but also the state has to be redetermined, can only the market do it?

Good afternoon. I kindly ask Cristina Scialino to repeat the reference to the video on smartworking and office work benefits.

What is the title of the book mentioned?thank you very much.

If there will be a new way of interaction between employees and the company during the employment relationship, will the management of job changes also evolve in parallel?

How can I understand the soft skills enabling success in an agile organization? Can they be measured?   

What is the difference between New Deal and Agile Organization?

Yumi is a continuous nudging platform that improves measuring, engagement and development of teams at work

It helps people to share nudges about their behaviours with a spontaneous approach. 

It allows the company to put the change strategy in action..

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