The value of care - current reflection on freedom and resilience.

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Daniela Gissara - Talent Optimizer, Certified PI Expert (The Predictive Index)

While it is true that the Coronavirus found the 'individual unprepared to face challenges, this could prove to be a fruitful opportunity to rethink the crux of human vocation:
Brotherhood, the only means of defending life against death

I have always had a solidaristic conception of life, along the lines of "No one is saved alone." The real revolution is as always, desire. The engine, the drive to move toward something or someone.

The new 2020 event confronted us with a collective trauma. No defense was possible. The event that overwhelmed us-as is the case with any trauma-was an unexpected, unpredictable, ungovernable event. It made us all feel helpless. And we also understood that this trauma cannot be defeated except together.

As he says. M.Recalcati * "The virus marks the ultimate death of individualist ideology. Freedom is not individual property. Freedom in its highest figure is solidarity. This is the traumatic lesson of this virus."

I live in Milan. Milan is the moral capital of our country; it is an enlightened, open city, capable of hospitality and solidarity (one cannot count the voluntary associations linked and not linked to the Church). The citizens of Lombardy and especially its health personnel have shown great energy and capacity in their response to the epidemic. But there were weeks where only the sound of bells and ambulances could be heard. And they lacked the right means (masks, respirators, intensive care beds) to respond seriously to the pandemic. Lombardy, and slowly the whole country, set in motion extraordinary energies, its people obeyed in orderly fashion the government decrees that imposed social distancing...

Social distancing is a real can't help but make us think about the value of each equal to the other. Suddenly we were (and still are differently!!) all equally involved in the face of fear (but will it end? When will everything go back to the way it was? But will it be able to go back to the way it was before?) and all involved in caring for each other, all waiting to be able to react even more carefully to the behaviors acted toward themselves and their loved ones and toward the community.
To be human means to be bound to each other from the time of our birth. The fundamental principle of freedom is brotherhood. But not a brotherhood of blood, with the nearest, with the familiar, but brotherhood with the stranger. This is what the virus showed: the stranger I meet walking down the street is essential to my own life; his acts are essential to mine; my life is essential to his. The defense of life from death cannot be the action of one alone, but can only be collective, communal, fraternal.

Organizations also have responded with extraordinary CARE toward their own resources, recognizing their unique and inexhaustible value precisely by being each at home, each connected, bringing into the video all their own context (home, children, worries for those who have family far away...) and having to re-organize their agenda and plans. And the adherence has been positive, the initiatives to support individuals or groups, have been extraordinarily appreciated, new forms of connection and "closeness" are being found because exchanging feedback, finding food for thought, living in some moments the Agora... will be our future. All united by the need to go through the moment together by finding new spaces and times.

This lesson is about two major themes for me. The first is that of freedom. Covid-19 teaches that that conception of freedom that we have cultivated in the West in recent decades, freedom as individual property, as arbitrariness of the will, is an empty and stunted conception. No one can save himself, because the ethically highest form of freedom is solidarity. The second is about violence on the human ecosystem: what is happening has as its premise the crossing of a limit. We have raped our planet. And perhaps the violence of the epidemic is a return violence of our own violence.
It is possible that the negative power of this trauma will instead stimulate an equally powerful positive response. We need to release our best energies to imagine the world in a new way.

Setting in motion the generative force of desire, planting a multitude of vines.



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