From people to data.
And back.
The platform to measure, develop and engage your Teams. With a revolutionary approach.

Yumi is based on an innovative model of nudging and data analytics created with humans in mind, their potential and their emotions.

All with the immediacy and ease of a social network.
ROIs for your organization
Employee Engagement
Yumi makes people feel more involved in the company.
Yumi reduces educational costs and improves expenditures efficacy.
HR data
Yumi improves quantity and quality of the HR data.
Continuous improvement
Yumi reduces the fear, frictions, of sharing feedbacks peer to peer and with the boss.
let’s get a clear grasp!
Improve teams performance and enable behavioural change
HR and manager can have a daily view on the aggregated data. 

It's constantly possible to analyze teams mood, employees relationships and understand what skills are played for real within the organization. This enables you to understand where to invest more energies, for instance for team building.
...from people for people
Users, your employees, can improve the interactions quality with their colleagues and their average Energy level. They may also share nudges and feedbacks on how to gain better habits.

All with the ease of a social network.
Survey Killer!
icona fiore
Yumi IT'S NOT a survey!
Stop asking! Start to listen.

Yumi use a peer-to-peer daily approach to get data useful to answer to common company issues. Without pushing people.
Behind all the UX logics and behind all the platform 'wording' relies the Nudging: a gentle push. Never in a judging way. Never mandatory. It allows you to take better habits.

With Yumi people and company change together
Continuous nudging, actionable data...
Colleagues observe each other in a voluntary way. All in an anonymous mode.. Tracked data are logged in by the user for the user, or by the user in support of a colleague. All are 'trustable' data.
People share reactions, suggestions: nudges. Small 'gentle pushes'. Never in a judging way. Helping people make better choices. Everything in less than 2 minutes per day.
Yumi plays into spontaneous daily interactions occurring within the teams. Daily data are great for advanced analytics of any kind (Network Analysis, for instance)
The overview allows to easily make targeted decisions, and intervene to improve the work of people and of the company.
...and a social network interface.
Responses travel by a fast and intuitive system that leaves no room for doubt.
Small tips
that direct you
towards the best path.
We learn, improve and grow all together, becoming shared coaches.
Yumi transforms every employee into a 'change' active player!
Yumi’s powerful connection
of Yumi
From smart working
to Yumi working
Yumi increases the connection among teams and among people. This is a fundamental aspect in times of remote work and social distancing.
This is a key issue in the age of remote work and social distancing.
Also thanks to Yumi’s technology, quick and friendly to use, we keep working side by side, and dealing with each other daily.
Why Yumi?
Employee Engagement

Yumi improved working experience and community engagement.
Yumi makes people feel more involved in the company.

* DigITA4Good - University of Pavia, 2020 

'Restart From Remote' reseacrh project.


Yumi lets you create new people cluster analytics enabling you to execute more accurate HR activities.
Yumi reduces educational costs and improves expenditures efficacy.

** Yumi's customers, 2020

HR Directors interviews and NPS

HR data

"We got a tremendous amount of data. I consider Yumi more accurate, trustable and interesting than a People survey."
Yumi improves quantity and quality of the HR data.

*** HR Director (Finance), 2020 

'Response rate' difference between a People survey and Yumi's data. Finance Customer (6 weeks campaign)

Continuous improvement
"As a Team Leader I can see that my colleagues share more nudges and observations, they are more aware of their own wellness." (Team Leader - IT company)
Yumi reduces the fear, frictions, of sharing feedbacks peer to peer and with the boss.

* DigITA4Good - University of Pavia, 2020

'Restart From Remote' reseacrh project. 30% reduction of the "fear of sharing feedbacks".

Yumi is the solution
that works for everyone
Do you have any questions?
Yumi is a continuous nudging platform that improves measuring, engagement and development of teams at work

It helps people to share nudges about their behaviours with a spontaneous approach. 

It allows the company to put the change strategy in action..

Yumi is a trademark of Feedback Loop srl | Corso Sempione 15/A - 20145 Milan (Italy) 
VAT number and tax code: IT 10109780964 | Economic Administrative Index number (R.E.A.) 2505840
Beneficiary of the subsidy provided for by the decree of 24/09/2014 "Smart & Start Italia" - INVITALIA
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