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From people to data.
And back.
Yumi is the nudging platform to boost an effective change for people driven organization, unlocking teams collective intelligence. 

We nudge the change with gentle peer to peer pushes driving to better behaviors.

Yumi boosts people analytics leveraging on the human collective intelligence, gathering peer to peer data from the crowd thanks to an employee centric approach. 

By using Yumi app people develop new skills, values, competencies and improve their contribution for the community behavioral change. 

In less than 3 minutes per day.
Seed of change.
You can try Yumi for two weeks with some colleagues.
Colleagues observe each other in a voluntary way. All in an anonymous mode.. Tracked data are logged in by the user for the user, or by the user in support of a colleague. All are 'trustable' data.
People share reactions, suggestions: nudges. Small 'gentle pushes'. Never in a judging way. Helping people make better choices. Everything in less than 2 minutes per day.
Yumi plays into spontaneous daily interactions occurring within the teams. Daily data are great for advanced analytics of any kind (Network Analysis, for instance)
Strategy in action
Insights overview and nudges allows to easily make targeted decisions, and intervene to improve the work of people and of the company.
Join the Demo now, with a small team (max 5 colleagues) and grab a bite of the Yumi experience for a couple of weeks.
Yumi turns each employee into an active player of change!

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