Employee Experience: What is it and how to improve it?

employee experience

Maria Mauriello - Communication manager in Yumi

Employee Experience: What is it and how to improve it?

Josh Bersin is one of the world's leading human resource technology analysts and leadership experts. In his book provides an in-depth analysis of the human resources market and a dense exemplification of industry selection practices.

It also illustrates a new platform of employee experience, which helps companies and employees manage work by making their experience more engaging and productive. The proliferation of new technologies, along with considerable economic growth, has made the workday complex for employees, who are forced to waste an entire day during the week responding to emails that are deemed almost irrelevant. Moreover, on average, companies use various tools for messaging, communication and scheduling. In short, there is a need to make work easier.

The work environment has changed a lot: for example, millennials are used to changing companies every two or three years and expect to learn as much as they can.
It must be emphasized that, in general, every employee in the company goes through a journey made up of highlights that go on to define his or her experience in his or her organization.
In fact, many companies have replaced old IT systems with Cloud integration platforms to improve the lives of employees as they try to keep up with evolving products and applications.

The challenge, then, is to use a single platform where a company's employees have the information immediately available as needed: the solution is a platform of employee experience Which has a user- centric approach.

In essence, the platform:

  • It must be easy to use;
  • Helping with management;
  • Tracking the progress of interactions with employees;
  • Accommodating various modes of access;
  • Tracking and analyzing performance.

What is Yumi's role in this?

Our continuous nudging platform was born with the need to make an important shift from the traditional business-centric approach to one, instead, that is human-centric. Indeed, Yumi is the perfect tool for an evolution in the people area. How. Our platform enables continuous improvement among colleagues through the exchange of nudges, which enable processes of self-awareness and, most importantly, business growth.


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