What do Yumi and Muhammad Ali have in common?

Muhammad Ali

Maria Mauriello - Communication manager in Yumi

Let me tell you a story, that of Cassius Clay: imagine a child whose bicycle is stolen to run around town; he goes to the police to report its theft and is advised to go to the gym to learn boxing and fight. Now, imagine that that child bears only one name: Muhammad Ali. Thus begins his story.

Did you know that at Harvard he decanted an extemporaneous hyper-hermetic poem? "Me, We."

But let's take a step back.

Originally from Kentucky, he is young, brash, in Rome he conquers. middleweight Olympic gold medalist. Having become a professional, the time has come to deal with. Sonny Linston, infamous reigning athlete.

The bout, by now, is the history of modern boxing: at only 22 years old he won the title and became the champion we all know today. Legendary were his statements, "I will fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee" or even "You can't hit what you can't see".

A spokesman for social injustices in his community, he converted to Islam, changed his name, first to Cassius X, then to the famous name Muhammad Ali, which literally means "Loved by God".

Popular big matches, such as the one with Foreman or in Manila where he had his rematch with Frazier in a meeting that was like "Going to hell and back". Spinks, Holmes are the athletes who knocked him out and, at the end of these setbacks, he decided to hang up his gloves, exhausted by Parkinson's.

This is not only a genealogy of the world's strongest boxer; it is also the story of a man who, throughout his life, stood up for his values, from fighting for the recognition of civil rights to religious freedom.

The words of Foreman echo strongly: "A man becomes Unbeatable, when he finds a reason to fight for". And Ali was unbeatable, a hero, never bent, free to always be himself. Illness incapacitated him in the ring, not in spirit, so much so that he stated, "God wanted to remind me that I am a man like everyone else. He wanted to remind everybody. And this is the lesson you can learn from me.".

And of lessons, there have been, plenty; in fact, he has also been a great example for young people.

In 1975, he who had problems with dyslexia, held a lecture, bright and illuminating, to Harvard students on the importance of study, denied to him, as a chance to change the world for the better by turning it, in short, into social revenge. The young graduates then asked him for a poem, and he uttered two words, "Me, We" ("I, We"). Two words, simple and coincidental, that sum up all his greatness. First of a man, then of a boxer.

What do Yumi and Muhammad Ali have in common?

Imprinted in our memory is the path of this athlete, steeped in a whole series of values such as the resilience and theemotional intelligence that characterize those who go beyond fear and stress. This was his winning weapon, the result of communication, divorced from any form of prejudice or weakness.

The story of her poem "Me, We" in which she chooses two pronouns to characterize an approach, strikes us, clearly. Yumi wanted to use the pronouns You and Me, modifying them and writing only their "pronunciation" precisely to characterize the platform's approach in which there is no You without Me and no Me without You. Pure collaboration.

On these values is based Yumi, our platform of continuous nudging platform, which is based on a repertoire of user-useful skills and behaviors, such as agility, cooperation, and empathy, fundamental skills that made the dancing boxer famous, Muhammad Ali.

Ultimately, his disruptive poetry placed the individual in his uniqueness and singularity at the center. Just as happens in Yumi.


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