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How can you manage Company Culture with Yumi?

Maria Mauriello - Communication manager in Yumi "If you're not building the future, it's because you don't believe there is a future." This is a quote from the series "Orange is the new black" contained in a volume on corporate culture. Strange huh? But one should expect anything when the author is Alessandro Rimassa. The book [...]

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What are the new perspectives for the HR world?

Maria Mauriello - Communication manager in Yumi What are the new prospects for the HR world? The year 2020 has severely tested the #people world: Fenews magazine reports on this in its article, "Technology unlocks the potential of a hybridized workforce as digital transformation accelerates." The text provides insight into the prospects in this area: it reports, [...]

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How to improve listening at work?

Maria Mauriello - Communication manager at Yumi How to improve listening at work? Listening is an art! But does one really know how to listen at work? What are the tricks to improve listening? Guy Itzchakov provides us with a timely reflection on the topic in the article "The power of listening in helping people change" HBR-Harvard Business Review. In short, the research by [...]

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Our app - A daily routine at work

Emanuele Scotti - CEO in Yumi Yumi proposes a daily routine that our users find extremely effective. A daily routine geared toward awareness (thanks to the data collected) and support for others in a balance of Give and Take (as in Adam Grant's famous book) that can build a new culture of [...]

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Pandemic Fatigue according to WHO and according to Yumi.

Maria Mauriello - Communication manager in Yumi The World Health Organization (WHO), a UN body, in response to the call for help from member states during the pandemic crisis, has drafted a kind of planning and implementation policy framework for pandemic prevention and management. The document consists of a series of [...]

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How to deal with emotions to be better at work?

Maria Mauriello - Communication manager in Yumi How to deal with emotions to be better at work? Someone used to say, "Emotions are all we have." This also happens in the workplace where, in order to be a good leader, it is crucial to be able to deal with emotions. We talked about this a while back in the [...]

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Yumi is a continuous nudging platform that improves measuring, engagement and development of teams at work

It helps people to share nudges about their behaviours with a spontaneous approach. 

It allows the company to put the change strategy in action..

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