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Sustainability and ESG: the role of HR departments.

Lately, we read and hear more and more about "social sustainability" of the Enterprise; but what does it mean? And why is it so important? Social sustainability is one of the 3 types of sustainability included in the acronym "ESG" (Environmental, Social and Governance), the international framework of corporate sustainability analysis that from 2023 will become essential to follow for [...]

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Quality of Days at Work and Great Resignation. The world's largest mass resignation must stimulate deep reflection.

Team Yumi. Thanks to Clelia Carvelli What is happening, exactly at this moment, is the world's largest mass resignation phenomenon, the Great Resignation, with 800,000 employees in Italy alone resigning in 2021. So we asked ourselves some concrete questions: who has the most [...]

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Late Tech Show - Emanuele Scotti and Yumi at the microphone

Yumi In the sixth episode of Gigi Beltrame's 2021 Late Tech Show, we also talk about Yumi! - Topics of the episode -Gentle push for teams, simplicity for administrative management, even computers become eco-friendly, and fintech helping to finance SMEs. Listen to Emanuele Scotti, our CEO, who has [...]

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BACK TO WORK: The continuous change that the pandemic requires of us.

Deborah Dziezynski - Social Media Intern in Yumi Far from friends, from our loved ones, stuck inside the house forced to disrupt every aspect of our lives. The pandemic in the last two years has changed the rules of the game: keep our distance, don't touch each other, don't see each other, and especially don't leave the house. We had to learn to work [...]

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What to do to build a new habit? 6 easy-to-use tips

Maria Mauriello - Communication manager in Yumi What to do to build a new habit? In our daily lives, we are used as individuals to carve out habits, repeated practices that, often, are not done naturally. So, what to do to build new patterns of behavior?Kristi DePaul's article gives us timely help on the topic, "What does it [...]

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Employee Experience: What is it and how to improve it?

Maria Mauriello - Communication manager at Yumi Employee Experience: What is it and how to improve it? Josh Bersin is one of the world's leading HR technology analysts and leadership experts. In his book he provides an in-depth analysis of the HR market and a dense exemplification of the industry's selection practices. He also illustrates a [...]

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