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We are a team of humanists

Yumi is a technology at people’s service. We who conceived it, know the needs of companies well: we are managers and entrepreneurs, with a long-standing career behind us..
And we are all passionate about technology, the one which allows people to speak up.

We know that creating a positive atmosphere within the company, and making the most of everyone’s work is not easy. But, whether we are talking about people or business, we also know that nothing helps to progress more than dialogue.

Yumi encompasses our two souls,the human one and the innovative one: it expresses, through monitorable data, the value of working relationships, and makes it easy to ask and receive advices on how to improve. To grow, all together.

The team

emanuele scotti foto

Emanuele Scotti

CEO & Co-founder
“Yumi is at the service of the work’s future.”


He earned a PhD in Semiotics and Philology, and has over twenty years of expertise in the design of technologies to support new working methodologies. Yumi is his fourth start-up experience, but his enthusiasm is that of the first time.
“With Yumi, I want to give my contribution to a future where teams work at the top, without a top-down approach. A future where everyone is manager of their colleagues and where leadership is widespread.”


Consultant, Coach Advisor, speaker and author. Over twenty years spent working at some of the most important multinationals in the food sector have not changed his passion for using technology in favor of new working methods. Nor has he himself changed.
nicola peccini foto

Nicola Peccini

CFO & Co-founder
andrea clementi foto

Andrea Clementi

“Yumi combines my three professional passions: digital innovation applied to people’s growth and to the improvement of corporate organizational structure, and the agile approach.”


He is an expert in Didactics, ICT governance and IT security. Organization, ICT and Digital Innovation Manager at a banking group. Co-founder of Milan cultural circuit 5VIE Art+Design.
"Tramite i dati, Yumi restituisce profondità e concretezza a una dimensione strettamente soggettiva, quella umana.”


Dopo studi classici e poi economici, esplora il mondo del lavoro partendo dalle risorse umane, tra una multinazionale e una società di selezione. Nella sua ultima esperienza in startup si scopre attratta dal mondo dell’innovazione e capisce di voler contribuire a un progetto con alto impatto sociale e organizzativo. Così cerca e sceglie Yumi
silvia immg

Silvia Basilico

Customer Success Specialist
paolo raineri foto

Paolo Raineri

Digital Officer
"Yumi riesce in quello in cui altri applicativi falliscono: mettere in pratica il cambiamento e non limitarsi solo ad analizzarlo. Da un lato aiuta a captare tutti gli "intangibles" e parallelamente fornisce piccole spinte giornaliere che stimolano il cambiamento in ogni persona."


In his early twenties, he founded his first company that was then selected by MIT as an excellence in data analytics of the sports market. After years spent working in the Digital and Innovation sector, he became a business consultant focused on Digital Transformation and Data-driven Business Models. Head of Business Development at Knowage and Client Leader at Altavia group.
"Yumi is your personal growth buddy!"


Digital addicted since 2009, Federica worked in the PR and communication world for a couple of years. Her background is in the artistic field but she wanted to push her career to another level. After IFTS Social Media Management course she joined Yumi family as Social media specialist.
federica comini immagine

Federica Comini

Social media specialist
Federico Anastasi

Federico Anastasi

Art Director & UX designer
"Yumi shows how much "human" could be the Design"


Started as a freelance designer at 18 yrs. old. He worked as a content specialist in some agencies, then he co-founded his own marketing and communication enterprise. Now he is mastered in Design at IED institute and he joined Yumi ad the Art Director and UX designer.
"Yumi lets you improve yourself day by day. with smart and tech solutions"


Graduated in IT topics he moved his first steps as Quality tester in an IoT company. Then he worked as Front end developer building web and mobile applications. After 2 years he joined Yumi family as a Front end developer.
matteo poli imm

Matteo Poli

Front end develpoer
"Yumi: human hacking al servizio del benessere aziendale"


PhD in Matematica Applicata, con esperienza in vari campi quali biomatematica, bioinformatica, criminologia, geolocalizzazione, finanza e cybersecurity. Ha ricoperto posizioni in team di diversa natura: Business Intelligence, Data Science e Data Analysis.

Marco Ferrarini

Data Analyst

The Advisory Board

Massimiliano saccarellli

Massimiliano Saccarelli

With twenty years expertise as consultant, he is Senior Executive and Coach specialized in operational and team management strategies. In 2008, he founded B-motion, a consulting company that helps people and organizations to redesign vision, mission and corporate culture by aligning personal and organizational values and objectives.
michele scannavini

Michele Scannavini

He is a long-standing International Manager. Coty and Fila sport group CEO, Ferrari Vice President and ICE - Italian Trade Agency President. Currently, he is Chairman of E-Novia Group and Industrial Partner at the independent private equity firm FSI (Fondo Strategico Italiano).
giorgina gallo

Giorgina Gallo

Strategic consultant and board member with a long-established management career at L’Oréal Group.
alessandra de carlo

Alessandra De Carlo

Passionate about digital, multiculturalism and people. Executive Coach at companies and non-profit organizations, with twenty years of experience as Manager at national and international service enterprises.
anna simioni

Anna Simioni

Former consultant and Executive Vice President at UniCredit Group, presently Advisor with Boston Consulting Group.

Denis Delespaul

President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Italy, he has worked as Manager in Italy for over twenty years with an extended experience at BNP Paribas Group
Yumi is a continuous nudging platform that improves measuring, engagement and development of teams at work

It helps people to share nudges about their behaviours with a spontaneous approach. 

It allows the company to put the change strategy in action..
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