Putting Change into Action, with Nudging.
Yumi nudges each person in adopting behaviors that are more effective and functional to the strategic goals of the organization. 

The platform-as intuitive and easy as a social network-is based on an innovative Nudging and People Analytics model created specifically by our team.
Business scenarios.
How to improve the listening and engagement system, overcoming the limitations of traditional surveys?
Yumi supports its clients in collecting employee voice with reliable and consistent data
How to spread corporate values and make them a distinctive asset and operational excellence?
Yumi is helping complex organizations spread new organizational values and culture by putting people and teams at the center
How to develop a new data-driven inclusive leadership model?
Yumi integrates into leadership development programs and shows their impact and areas for improvement in real time
How to support the evolution of a hybrid work model through new behaviors?
Yumi is supporting teams and organizations in bringing out the behaviors that are most functional for new working conditions by engaging users in research
Yumi is the solution
that works for everyone
Proud to work with...
Building a culture of participation and feedback
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Developing inclusive and data-driven leadership
Spreading the new global values to the entire population
Accelerating the transition to a new organizational culture

Increasing the effectiveness of meetings using quick-win logic
Measuring the level of engagement and adoption of a new service model
Supporting the evolution toward an agile organization
The culture of feedback and listening leverages competition
let’s get a clear grasp!
Employee Centrality: bringing value to persons
Yumi is a digital nudging platform designed to bring value to individuals and teams through data arising from their work interactions. 

Capture: users are stimulated to track information about their relevant activities. How did the day go? What influenced the meeting? Who made key contributions this week?

Reflect: collected data are aggregated and returned to users to highlight trends, gaps or misalignments. Stimuli to better understand the context in which you operate and the effects of your behaviors.

Move: When the system assesses the collected information as reliable and relevant, it proposes suggestions and nudges to users. Contextual and confidential nudges that arise in each user's actual operational domain. 
Reliable and consistent people analytics
Anonymized and aggregated data are collected in dashboards available to the organization; team leaders, managers, C-level and HR-even with different interfaces-can read the data of interest and adapt their managerial actions.

Engagement & Employee experience: the system measures the quality of experience at key moments in the work process and returns the areas with the greatest impact on the level of engagement.

Skll footprint: data collected by Yumi allows us to read how much of the values or skills uploaded to the platform are actually put into action and what are the priority areas on which to develop specific programs.

Organizational Network Analysis: the platform reconstructs the most relevant internal networks (trust, operations, expertise) and applies ONA metrics to them: robustness, centrality measures, D&I, leadership styles.
Yumi in action: but how?


The content used by the Nudge engine and the Yumi People Analytics system is built with the organization according to the strategic priorities of the moment. The functional set is modular, allowing a unique and tailored experience to be designed.


The roll out of Yumi takes place in Campaigns. The defined focus of each campaign and the circumscribed time horizon ensure high user engagement and the production of data of absolute interest and quality.

GDPR compliant

Yumi's legal framework relieves the organization of privacy-related responsibilities. No sensitive data is transmitted, making the start-up of any project quick and easy.
Why Yumi?
Employee Engagement

Yumi improved working experience and community engagement.
Yumi makes people feel more involved in the company.

* DigITA4Good - University of Pavia, 2020 


The data generated by Yumi allows targeted programs to be delivered through the analysis of new clusters of people. **
Yumi reduces educational costs and improves expenditures efficacy.

** Yumi customers, 2021

HR Directors interviews and NPS

HR data

"We got a tremendous amount of data. I consider Yumi more accurate, trustable and interesting than a People survey."
Yumi improves quantity and quality of the HR data.

*** HR Director (Finance), 2020 

'Response rate' difference between a People survey and Yumi's data. Finance Customer (6 weeks campaign)

Continuous improvement
"As a Team Leader I can see that my colleagues share more nudges and observations, they are more aware of their own wellness." (Team Leader - IT company)
Yumi reduces resistance toward suggestions and feedback from colleagues.

* DigITA4Good - University of Pavia, 2020

Do you have any questions?
Yumi is a continuous nudging platform that improves measuring, engagement and development of teams at work

It helps people to share nudges about their behaviours with a spontaneous approach. 

It allows the company to put the change strategy in action..

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Beneficiary of the subsidy provided for by the decree of 24/09/2014 "Smart & Start Italia" - INVITALIA
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